What would a Caveman think?

Caveman I like going placesOver the last 6 months or so I have returned from my last adventure and attempted to settle in to a normal job for a 27 year old male from the USA. The reality of most business jobs these days is that you spend the majority of your time in front of a computer screen. I can tell you that I spend 40+ hours a week providing internet marketing services and nearly all of it is spent staring at a computer monitor. This type of behavior is normal in our society, but it always make me wonder what a caveman would think of this strange behavior. For an outside observer who’s unfamiliar with a computer, a desk job would appear to be the strangest occupation in the world. A human literally sits for unbelievably long periods of time and virtually moves nothing but his fingers and wrists! For a caveman who is used to exerting himself physically everyday doing activities such as hunting buffaloes on the plains, it would seem outrageous! While there is significant financial reward with sitting in an office and you can afford a nice house, car and all kinds of other awesome things, I wonder if the caveman would think the sacrifice would be worth the reward??

If he had to choose between a simple life hunting buffaloes on the plains with his buddies or working 40 hours a week on the computer to support a comfortable lifestyle which would he chose?


3 thoughts on “What would a Caveman think?

  1. I think you need to decide what your priorities are. Adventure is great but is travel more important than being a productive member of society? What you do today can lay the foundations for your in later years, maybe when you can’t hunt buffalo anymore. That being said you never know what can happen in life and something could change your whole life in an instant. We definitely don’t live in cavemen times though. A lot of people would love to have a decent job and the luxuries it can afford. Sounds like you can still travel, maybe from a home-base though, but there are always things to explore an learn in your community. Or go make an original life… . it’s up to you. What makes you happy?.

    • Hey Amber, that´s the real question that you ask in the ending: What makes you happy?
      It´s not about being a productive member of society. All you are responsible for is your own life, and your own happiness. You can´t get shit from being a productive member of society.
      I believe it does fulfill a lot of people, and I respect that, but I can´t say I can see it for myself, either. But maybe that´s only us interpreting critical things into something Alex didn´t even want to express…;)

      • Interesting comments, you guys may have been reading into it even further than I had 😉 I guess what I was trying to get at is more on a societal level than a personal one. Have we advanced so much as a civilization that we’ve lost sight of the fact that we are essentially just really smart animals? All these advancements in technology that are supposed to make our lives easier and more simple, I feel actually make things more complicated. Sometimes I envy the life of a caveman because of it’s simplicity. They aren’t overloaded with so much information all the time, they often had only one simple task per day. Find food!

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