Hola! My name is Al Explorer and I like going places. I’ve just recently returned from living, teaching English and traveling in Latin America for 14 months and trying to decide what the next stage in my life is going to be.  I’m a 26 year old mixed breed of half Yankee and half Brit who was born in London, but raised in Colorado.  My love for travel was sparked by a decision to study abroad in Belgium and the amazingly positive experience altered my reality permanently.  Since University I’ve taught English in Thailand, Panama and wandered across 51 countries.  Check out my map to see where I have been and feel free to ask me about any of those places.

I’ve chosen a different path for my life than most of my peers and my behavior is often pondered over for the better or worse. If I had to answer the popular question of why I do what I do my simple response would be that at this moment I find the acquisition of stories, lessons and memories to be far more important than the pursuit of financial stability.  To learn more about this philosophy and how it’s affected me read my post on ‘Am I doing what a 26 year old should be doing?‘ My favorite sport is what us Americans call soccer and my favorite team are the Tottenham Hotspurs.  My favorite beverage is a Belgian Beer and if I could share one of these chalices with 3 people it would be Richard Branson, Harry Redknapp and Bill Bryson. My favorite countries at the moment are Colombia, Belgium and Thailand, but take me anywhere and I will probably enjoy myself! I like inspiring others to travel so if you are on the fence about a potential adventure I’d be more than happy to convince you why you should 😉


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  1. Belguim! Top 5 – oh yes! Amazing country. I’m trying to write up my favourite spots and how to travel them on a budget, soon they will be on my blog!
    Love your blog, great posts.

  2. Belgium is my sister’s favorite place – she is always trying to convince me to go when she is bumming around its streets. I’m in the process of planning a Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore etc trip this coming year. Just gotta save up enough to get from DR to NY, and then halfway around the world. Shouldn’t be too tough… Love the blog Alex – keep up the entertaining posts.

  3. Check out Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia during rainy season, it is at the top of my list of places i want to go, a quick google image search will show you why.

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