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Colorado Travel Guy – The Colorado Travel Guy spends his time exploring the great state of Colorado in search of unique things to do. He writes about his experiences to create a fun guide of things to do in his home state. He writes with a humorous style and is down for anything, so check him out if you want to know what’s cool in Colorado! – Another avid adventurer and former travel partner named Alex.  After two years teaching English in Hungary he’s decided to continue to call the quirky Eastern European country his home by pursuing a graduate degree in Budapest.  A hilarious fellow who writes with great humor and wit documenting what it’s like for an American living in Hungary.

SuzyGuese – Traveling chick from Colorado who’s well composed travel rants are “written with a redheaded temperament.”  Funny, informational and interesting her blog has great pictures and descriptions to make you feel like you were there.

HackTheSystem– I met the writer of this website in Solento, Colombia in a hostel.  He’s a digital nomad who makes a living all through the computer and calls hostels all over the world his home.  He writes not only about a life of travel, but ways to design and improve your life to make it more enjoyable! I wrote a guest post for him once, check it out (How to Justify Long Term Travel to Loved Ones and to Yourself).

The Steinvlog – Simple, grassroots video blog always chalked full of funny, motivational or interesting videos. The writer of this blog is a fellow travel partner and spends his days compiling the best video clips of the internet from reddit, YouTube and more so check out his blog when you’re bored!


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