Useful Travel Websites

Just so you know these companies aren’t paying me to tell you how awesome they are. I mean if someone reads this who works for one of these places and wants to pay me let me know, but right now that is not the case ;). I genuinely use these websites often during my journeys. This is an ongoing list so let me know if you know of some other good ones!

First and foremost, please if you either live or have ever considered visiting the great state of Colorado, please check out my new project called The Colorado Travel Guy. A friend and I spend our free time scouring CO for the most fun things to do and share our stories/reviews with you!

Here are the other websites…
Couchsurfing is something I got into during my time in Latin America. Basically the way it works is you create a profile about yourself and when you are traveling you can connect with locals in that area who are in the network.  The idea is when you have an open couch or bedroom you let travelers stay for free so you can meet new people and understand each other.  Then hopefully when you travel you can find a similar situation.  You would be amazed at how nice the places you will end up for free! There is also an option just to meet a local for coffee, a great way to get to know a local. It takes a certain type of person to be interested in this so the majority of the people are pretty cool and open-minded.  Try this out, seriously…..

Hostel world is a great resource for finding a cheap place to stay virtually anywhere you go.  They give descriptions, maps and pictures of the hostels and the people who have stayed there rate and describe the place.  This gives incentive to the owners to make all the guests super happy! Even if you don’t book through the website, when you arrive in a city just search what’s available to see the best rated spots, check availability then you can just walk there and avoid a booking fee…

Skyscanner is the mecca of flight search engines.  You choose where you want to go and it searches ALL other websites for the best price and airline option to get there.  What’s even cooler is you don’t necessarily have to put a destination. If you’re just daydreaming on what exotic part of this wonderful world you want to visit, just leave it blank and the engine will tell you what countries are currently the cheapest to fly to!

The Matador Travel Network is just plain awesome in every way.  It’s a blog network where people can contribute to and the most popular writes and articles are the easiest to find.  Amazing pictures, videos and great information on basically anywhere you could think of!  If your like me and constantly wondering about what’s going on in random locations throughout the globe, this website will consume some of your time so you briefly forget your nagging travel bug!


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